The song "No Relief" of the CD "North Of The River" has over 6000 plays on Spotify! Thank you!
These past few years I have written  beautiful new songs.  The best works will be on the next album. The plan was: studio the end of 2015....  the unexpected event: I met my American boyfriend from 1979 again! An astonishing gift: travel together, emigrate, find my roots again in new surroundings, marriage... so much happened that asked for more attention.... Will be continued eventually...
"North of the River" by Judy Benschop:
"Contrary to a collection of songs standing alone North of the River listens as a story that is told in several chapters. A story about love, loss, death, standing still and moving on. The music is often melancholic but in a nice, comforting way. Judy Benschop has a light, clear voice with which she sounds lovely as well as fragile. She sings straight from the heart and knows how  to touch the listener. She does this in such a subtle way that you almost don't notice but in the meantime she knows how to grab you and her melodies settle in your mind. She gives us a look in her world (of feelings) and lets us dream away for a while while standing still with what we have lost ourselves.
North of the River is an album that touches and brings comfort."
Marjolein van der Heide, Na de lunch
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