"North of the River" by Judy Benschop:
"Contrary to a collection of songs standing alone North of the River listens as a story that is told in several chapters. A story about love, loss, death, standing still and moving on. The music is often melancholic but in a nice, comforting way. Judy Benschop has a light, clear voice with which she sounds lovely as well as fragile. She sings straight from the heart and knows how  to touch the listener. She does this in such a subtle way that you almost don't notice but in the meantime she knows how to grab you and her melodies settle in your mind. She gives us a look in her world (of feelings) and lets us dream away for a while while standing still with what we have lost ourselves.
North of the River is an album that touches and brings comfort."
Marjolein van der Heide, Na de lunch
I have always loved nature and find peace in and balance on my bike with the wind in my hair, on the sailboat with the ocean surrounding us and occasional visits of dolphins, on hikes through the forest, on mountains or along the beach. The great outdoors has so much to offer! Some of my newer work is about nature: the ocean, whales, trees, so much inspires me to write a song about. With the traveling I haven't found a good time frame for a new album yet, I share new songs during performances and occasionally on youtube.
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